In addition to all common algebra and trigonometry functions, this tool has 25 physical and chemical constants. It can also perform a molecular weight calculation which may be particularly useful for chemists.

The display shows both entry and calculated result at same time. Note that execution of some of the functions requires a scripted window. If you see a warning bar in your browser, click to Allow scripted window in order to perform this function.

Calculator is courtesy of Eni Generalic (www.periodni.com)

You can specify how to round the result (i.e what number of decimal places to display) by using Mode>Decimals menu.
The numbers can be both positive and negative. To enter negative numbers simply put the minus sign (-) before the number.
You can enter expressions containing parentheses. In this case, operations in parentheses performed first.
Besides math, this gadget lets you find atomic weight of the chemical formulas. You just need to properly capitalize the element symbols in the chemical formula. For a hydration reaction enter a plus sign (for example, CH2+H2O).
This online scientific calculator stores a list with a history of recent entries and results in the form of equations, which can be copied and pasted into your document.

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